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Oleskin Alexander

Alexander Vladimirovich Oleskin

61 year, Moscow.

Member of the Institute's Board, founder. 

Doctor of biological Sciences, Professor of the Department of General ecology, faculty of biology, Lomonosov Moscow state University, Professor of the Department of philosophy, biomedical ethics and Humanities, MSMSU, member of the Association for Politics and the Life Sciences, member of the Biopolitical International organization, Director of the Biopolitics Club at the MOIP. 

Author of more than 130 scientific papers.


Scientific interest: 

  • Network structures in wildlife and human society
  • Socio-technological projects based on decentralized networks in the application to education, scientific research, environmental protection, business, politics, taking into account biological models and interaction with non-network (hierarchical quasi-market)structures; the role of chaperone (gently regulating, intermediary) structures
  • Biopolitics
  • The role of microbiota in the functioning of the nervous and immune systems of the human body, in the physical and mental health and adequate social behavior of people
  • Functions of neurotransmitters in communication between the microbiota and the host organism