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Budanov Vladimir

Vladimir Grigoryevich Budanov

69 years, Moscow.

Member of the Institute's Board, founder. 

Theoretical physicist, philosopher, and synergist. Born in Moscow in 1955, he graduated with honors from the Physics Department of Moscow state University, Ph. D. in physics. - (dissertation on quantum theory in 1985), associate Professor (Department of physics in 1988), doctor of philosophy (dissertation on the methodology of synergetics in 2007). Since 1995, he has been working at the Institute of philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences, chief researcher, head of the sector of Interdisciplinary problems of scientific and technical development.

One of the founders of the research methodology of synergetics and initiator of teaching natural science and synergetics for humanitarians in Russia, co-author of state programs (1994, 2000) on the discipline "Concepts of modern natural science" for the Humanities at universities. For forty years he has been teaching physics, mathematics, philosophy, history of science, natural science and synergetics to humanitarians, engineers, managers, schoolchildren, and postgraduates at leading Russians universities. Member of the editorial Board of a number of journals on the philosophy of science and the series of books "Synergetic paradigm", "Synergetics in the Humanities". Popularizer of science-participant of dozens of popular science and publicistic programs on Central TV channels. Author of more than 250 scientific papers and monographs on: philosophy of science, theoretical physics, education, natural science and synergetics, philosophy and methodology of interdisciplinary research, synergetic modeling and forecasting in the Humanities. In particular, he formed an integral set of methodological principles of synergetics, which simplifies the processes of modeling and understanding complex, as well as teaching synergetics; developed an original method of rhythmic cascades for modeling developing systems, such as organisms and socio-historical systems; found the synergetic foundations of the principles of harmony and event language, and proposed a method of Umwelt analysis for civilizational forecasting. Recent works are devoted to synergetic methodology, philosophical and methodological analysis of the post-non-classical picture of the world, quantum-synergetic anthropology, modeling of the techno-anthroposphere and forecasting the social development of Russia and the world. Member of dissertation councils in the if RAS and MSU, academician of the International Academy of future research, expert of the RAS, RPF, RFBR. For many years, he has been among the TOP 100 most cited and promising philosophers in Russia.

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