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Kolesova Larisa

Larisa Aleksandrovna Kolesova

72 years, Moscow.

Member of the Institute's Board, founder. 

Candidate of philosophy, associate Professor, State Academic University of Humanities (faculty of philosophy and political science), consultant psychologist, hypnotherapist (all-Russian professional psychotherapy League), orientalist-Arabist, moderator of the Sretensky club. 

Author of more than 50 scientific papers, training programs and computer programs on psychodiagnostics and the development of creative abilities. 

Research interests: synergetics, General and particular anthropology, psychosynthesis, psychogenetics, modeling of social and socio-cultural processes, Ethnology, ethnolinguistics, semiotics, semantics, conflictology, theory of crises and transition States in social Sciences and psychology, General psychotherapy and crisis processes, network theory and network technologies.

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